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ChakMe seems like a simple solution for sharing contacts, but in reality, it is so much more than that. Brand awareness, company identity, cross promotion across your brands, and the uniqueness of the services, products, and information you want to convey are just some of the fascinating aspects of the creative solutions ChakMe can provide for all your business needs.

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Whether you are an individual or a business, the opportunity to make meaningful, lasting connections are critical. Designed with you in mind, ChakMe’s interactive, eco-friendly, and cutting-edge technology is bridging the gap between personal relationships and online connections. Revolutionizing how we share information, network, and build brand awareness. The World’s Most Advanced Digital Business Card and Networking Tool, ChakMe aims to be the driving force behind the most meaningful consumer experiences and interactions.
Safety. Versatility. Security. Convenience. Sustainability.
ChakMe gives you the opportunity to share your information across a wide range of devices, instantly. Seamlessly share all your contact information, social media profiles, links, and contact information in one place, staying connected has never been easier.
Our fully customizable designs will allow you to create the perfect first impression with your own personal brand profile to highlight your unique identity to share wherever you are, at any time, in seconds.
Privacy is KEY. ChakMe allows you to set your profile to private to protect yourself from unwanted connections. You may set a passcode on your account so that people will not be able to tap and retrieve your information without your consent.
Fully customized ChakMe tags and/or business cards may take up to 10 days to create.
Business Cards are a thing of the past. By giving your consumers business cards you are hoping they will input that information into their phones and not lose it. You are hoping when they enter the information, they do so correctly.
With an estimated 2 BILLION NFC enabled devices in the world today, NFC technology has become the standard for wireless exchange of data over short distances. Used across various sectors and industries for business and pleasure, this technology has become the go to form of identification, access, and payments.
ChakMe, in turn, is taking this revolutionary technology and advancing it in ways like never before, aiming to be the driving force behind the world’s most meaningful customer experiences and interactions.
You may order our products through the online shop on the official ChakMe website.
Don’t limit the amount of information you can share. Paper business cards and QR codes are old technology. Sure, they can share information, but how effective are they? Why limit yourself to contact information or a scan to an individual website or document? With ChakMe, there is no limit. Our technology will offer you the ability to link your website, documents, videos, events, and promotional material. It is the perfect evolution of marketing and promotion for your business.
While our Product Portfolio is constantly growing and developing to help improve life worldwide, some of our current products include:
Chak Social
Chak Business
Chak Events
Chak Pets
Chak Health and Safety
Chak Travel and Tourism
Chak Hospitality
Chak Education
Chak Merchandise
Once you receive your ChakMe product, you will need to start by tapping your phone to the product. Once you tap, our state of the art technology will open a link on your compatible smartphone or device. The link will take you to www.chakme.me where you will be able to register and create your account and profile. Upon creation of your account, it will ask if you wish to link the account to the Chak product of your choice - you may link your account to multiple products [i.e. business card, silicone pad, vinyl stickers, ChakBooks, etc.]