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Revolutionizing how we share information, network, and build brand awareness


Whether you are an individual or a business, the opportunity to make meaningful, lasting connections are critical. Designed with you in mind, ChakMe’s interactive, eco-friendly, and cutting-edge technology is bridging the gap between personal relationships and online connections. Our mission, to revolutionize how we share information, network, and build brand awareness. The World’s Most Advanced Digital Promotional and Networking Tool, ChakMe aims to be the driving force behind the most meaningful consumer experiences and interactions.

Through heavily committed research and development we offer revolutionary products and solutions specifically designed to provide more efficient and innovative human interactions. Our dedication to innovation and sustainability have allowed us to create opportunities and reduce barriers for all sectors and industries while simultaneously creating ecological solutions to help the environment and society by reducing the use of paper and saving forests.

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Chak [me]

Variants from US$9.97
Girl with a Pearl Earring

Variants from US$9.97
The Key To Happiness

Variants from US$9.97

Variants from US$9.97


While our Product Portfolio is constantly growing and developing to help improve life worldwide, some of our current products include:

[ ] Chak Social

[ ] Chak Business

[ ] Chak Events

[ ] Chak Pets

[ ] Chak Health and Safety

[ ] Chak Travel and Tourism

[ ] Chak Hospitality

[ ] Chak Education

[ ] Chak Merchandise

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